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Your Chiropractic Healing Journey: The Road to Recovery

Everyone's healing journey looks different! A newborn baby will heal much faster than a pregnant or postpartum mom, and that mom will likely heal faster than an older adult with a heavy symptom burden. BUT, we want to provide you with a general idea of what a Chiropractic Care plan looks like. First, we perform a very specific and complete Initial Assessment (adult, pediatric, pre/postnatal, or preconception) to understand your unique case and how your body is actually functioning. Then, based your results, age, symptom burden, health history and your health goals, we provide a comprehensive report. This report includes your results and your individualized care plan with our very best professional and clinical recommendations of what is necessary for your recovery in the most efficient manner possible.

The stages of your chiropractic healing journey
Chiropractic Journey


At the beginning, your adjustments will be more frequent while the stability of the spine and nervous system regulation is restored. Each adjustment has a cumulative effect so it is very important to follow your proper frequency to get your desired results. Depending on your age, physical condition, chronicity of the problem(s) and lifestyle choices, repetitive adjustments for several weeks or months will be necessary to reduce the interferences, or subluxations, in your nervous system. Your 1st Progress Check will tell us how quickly or slowly your body is healing and when you're ready to progress to the second phase of care.


Neurological & spinal imbalance due to subluxations may still be present even after initial pain or symptom relief. Pain is typically the last issue to show up in the body and the first thing to go away - it's just the tip of the iceberg! In the Wellness phase, our goal is to begin addressing the months to years of accumulated damage and resolve underlying causes to your symptoms. The frequency of your adjustments is reduced as your nervous system is now relearning to find balance. Leaving care at this stage is at risk of relapse as only surface level symptoms have had time to heal. Several Progress Checks every few months may be necessary throughout this phase in order for us to track changes.


Once an optimal recovery is achieved, we don't completely abandon you! We recommend a minimal frequency of adjustments to maintain your progress and finally begin to utilize Chiropractic care as your preventative health care routine. Like other preventive health measures, regular chiropractic adjustments save you time, energy and money. People who are proactively concerned about their health and have already experienced the benefits of chiropractic consistently choose this type of care for themselves and their families.

Not all Chiropractic Care Plans and not all Chiropractors are the same! The techniques used, areas of specialization, and philosophies of health & healing will also provide direction to a chiropractic care plan.

If you still have further questions you can send us an email clicking the link below.


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