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Align Women's Retreat

May 19-21, 2023
Costa Brava, Spain

Rest, Regulate & Reconnect throughout a weekend of yoga & meditation, wholesome nutrition & cooking workshops, and holistic healing through the chiropractic adjustment. 

Come as you are. Leave aligned.


So, What Kind of Retreat is This?

Glad you asked! This retreat has been specifically designed for the woman looking for the following: a break from routine, rest & rejuvenation, connection with other women & tools to implement at home. Do you need to be good at yoga to attend? Nope. Do you need to be super healthy, spiritual & fit? Not at all. Do you need to have cute workout clothes?

No way.


Come as you are. Leave Aligned. 


Yoga | Meditation | Movement

Wholistic Nutrition | Workshops

Regardless of your movement background, these practices are suitable for you! Each class is unique and utilizes movement, stillness, mediation and somatic experiencing. Dynamic or yin-based, these practices will leave you feeling more grounded, present and connected to yourself.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic is natural, holistic health care focused on restoring optimum function of the brain & body. The Adjustment removes blockages in the nervous system caused by daily life stressors. Once removed, the brain & body can communicate clearly and natural healing, from its root cause, can begin.


Food was created as nourishment for the human body. With so many processed, on-the-go options, we must consciously make the choice to seek out nutritious staples. The rainbow makes this easy: simple, whole, colorful foods are the best place to start and where we'll be focusing our meals and workshops.

Meet Your Hosts


Dr. Kelli Turelli is an author, public speaker, and co-owner of illumINNATE Chiropractic Studio in Barcelona. She specializes in preconception, prenatal and pediatric care, and loves helping women heal naturally and achieve a better quality of life through chiropractic adjustment. During her doctorate, she envisioned hosting Chiropractic Retreats for women in the future and is looking forward to realizing this dream in May!

Dr. Kelli Turelli, Chiropractor

Check Out The Venue

La Daina Rural  I  Costa Brava, Spain

The Schedule

Friday, May 19 @ 17.00H

Arrival and Welcome Activity

1st INSiGHT Chiropractic Scan 

 Evening Meditation & Gentle, Grounding Movement Practice

1st Chiropractic Adjustment

Nourishing Dinner

Pool & Relaxing with Good Company

Saturday, May 20

Morning Meditation & Dynamic, Uplifting Yoga/Movement Practice

2nd Chiropractic Adjustment

Delicious Buffet Breakfast

Nature Walk / Pool / Quiet Time

Nutrition Workshop & Lunch

3rd Chiropractic Adjustment

Evening Yin yoga and Meditation Practice

Nourishing Dinner

Pool & Relaxing with Good Company

Sunday, May 21 @ 17.00H

Morning Meditation & Dynamic, Uplifting Yoga/Movement Practice

4th Chiropractic Adjustment

Delicious Buffet Breakfast

Rest / Pool / Quiet Time

Follow Up INSiGHT Chiropractic Scan 

Closing Ceremony & Departure


1. Who can join this retreat? This retreat is intended for women only - ages 18 and over. Pregnant? Prefect! Your Chiropractic adjustments will be modified to prenatal technique. Note that there will be one small dog at the property with us, so please leave your furry friends at home.

2. What sort of skills/experience do I need? None, or a ton! This retreat is for all levels of experience.

3. What should I bring with me? ·Personal toiletries ·Pool towel ·Yoga mat ·Clothes for yoga/movement practices ·Clothes for lounging around the house ·Swimsuit ·Book for Personal Time *A comprehensive packing list will be sent to Retreat Attendees

4. How do I get to the property? ·The property is located in Costa Brava. It is a 1hr 15min direct drive from Barcelona. ·To arrive via train, we recommend taking the train from Barcelona to Girona (40mins - 1hr 15mins), and then using a rideshare service to get from Girona to the actual property (approx 35 mins). ·Exact address will be sent to each guest once they have registered and paid in full.

5. Do I need to be a Chiropractic Patient to attend? You do not need to be an illumINNATE Practice Member or a patient under care by another Chiropractor to attend. However, Health & Wellness Intake forms will be sent to attendees who are not currently patients of Dr. Kelli. If this describes you, we suggest booking a complete Chiropractic Assessment prior to the retreat to get the most value out of the weekend.

Reserve your Spot!

Spaces are limited to only 12 women. Book yours & a friend's below before they're gone!

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