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illumINNATE Chiropractic Studio

Barcelona | Spain

IlluniNNATE Chriopractic Studio | Barcelona
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Achieve Wellness

What is Wellness? It's not simply the absence of pain, sickness & symptoms. It's the presence of health. 

Chiropractic is the most widely used natural & preventative health care across the world. We help our practice members (who come from all over the world!) increase their health & quality of life naturally - without the use of drugs or surgery. The Chiropractic Adjustment gently removes stress in the body at its source - the nervous system. The key to achieving wellness is an optimally functioning nervous system. 



Doctor of Chiropractic

"A child's future can be drastically changed by a gentle, specfic adjustment. Imagine the developmental impact if mom is getting adjusted during pregnancy!"



Doctor of Chiropractic

"Chiropractic helps us adapt to the stressors of daily and professional life so that we can not only improve productivity, but also our quality of life." 

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What to Expect During Your Initial Assessment?

During your first visit to the Studio, we've set aside time to connect and hear about your health journey & health goals. We will determine how your body is actually functioning by conducting a complete exam.  This will include a postural, neurological, functional, and Chiropractic analysis. Your results, combined with your personal goals, will help us put together a game plan for change! 


This is changing my health and my life overall! The way I see my body and how to keep it healthy is now totally different. Francisco and Kelli are truly amazing, not only has doctors, but the best people ever! Don’t hesitate on scheduling an appointment, you will not regret it!


—  Betsy, Clothing Designer

Have you been
scanned yet?

To understand how your body is actually functioning and track your healing journey, we use the leading technology in our profession - INSiGHT Scanning!  Lifestyle stress & subluxations affect the balance of your Nervous System and impact your ability to adapt. INSiGHT Scanning shows us just how much this stress has effected the health of newborns, kiddos & adults! Click below to speak directly with our assistant and find out how you & your family can get scanned today!

This is how an INSIGHT scan report looks like

Looking for a complete exam?
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